<aside> 💡 This page helps you understand how we do flexible working at Beauhurst


If the “COVID years” taught us anything, it’s that the ways we can work together have changed. There are clearly benefits to both working from the office and from home, and these have guided our thinking behind our flexible working policy – check them out below 👇

${\color{4b4897}\LARGE\textsf{The benefits}}$

<aside> 🏢 Working in the office

Our offices are central to our wonderful company culture and likely always will be. They are a hub of connection, creativity and all round good vibes.

More than that, we make sure they’re brilliant environments for all kinds of work (quiet, productive, collaborative) and social activities.

We think there are three main benefits of working together in person:

  1. Better onboarding – we’re great at training all new employees, but think that it is way better in person. You’ll get up to speed quicker, learn all about the company, and absorb the culture by osmosis.
  2. Better performance – being together in person means we all perform better! We experience more interchange of ideas, quicker/better problem solving, faster development, and fewer silos between teams.
  3. Better culture – the people and the culture are continually highlighted as the best thing about us as a company. We believe a lot of this comes from spending time together in person! </aside>

<aside> 🏡 Working from home

Pre-COVID, working from home always had a bit of stigma around it. But now it feels like something we just can’t live without.

It’s great for when you just need to dig your teeth into a big problem, recharge your battery, or just steal an extra 30 minutes sleep.

We think there are three main benefits of working from home:

  1. Better focus – being in the office with colleagues can be great for collaborative work, but home is the ideal place for when you need to get your head down with no distractions!
  2. Better work-life balance – fewer commutes and flexible working patterns mean we can spend more time with our friends and family.
  3. Improved mental and physical health – commuting in frequently can be exhausting, sometimes you just need that extra 30 minutes sleep and home comforts throughout your day. </aside>

It seems like a no-brainer that we capture the benefits of both of these working styles! However, we don’t think one policy works for all our teams and their roles – as this doesn’t reflect the best thing for the company or how people get their best work done. We think that the “right balance” varies depending on what your role is, so our policy is done on a team-by-team basis – we’ve outlined the details below 👇

${\color{4b4897}\LARGE\textsf{The policy}}$

<aside> ⏰ We have a set a minimum office time (per month) for each team. These range from 30-60%:

💡 This is just the minimum, we do hope that people want to spend more time in the offices 💡


${\color{4b4897}\LARGE\textsf{Frequently asked questions }}$

<aside> ❓ If you have other questions about this policy, please don’t hesitate to ask us during your interviews!