<aside> 💡 This page helps you understand our perks and benefits, and our thinking behind them!


${\color{4b4897}\LARGE\textsf{What are perks and benefits?}}$

This a collection of all the nice things you get for working at Beauhurst that aren’t salary or bonus or our culture. The difference between a perk and a benefit is a little arbitrary so we’ve lumped them all together.

${\color{4b4897}\LARGE\textsf{How do we decide what perks and benefits to provide?}}$

Our perks and benefits should help make the company even better. They should be attractive and appealing to prospective applicants (you!) and to our existing employees. They should help ensure that everyone stays as happy and healthy as possible while working here, and ultimately help everyone to be the best version of themselves.

We regularly review and update our offering based on a combination of what our employees tell us they’d like us to provide and what we spot other companies offering. We sadly can’t offer absolutely everything that everyone asks for so we prioritise the things that we think provide the greatest value for the company relative to their cost.

<aside> 💡 We have a list of things that we’d like to come back and add at some point – please do ask us about these during your interview process!


${\color{4b4897}\LARGE\textsf{What do we provide?}}$

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Options – AKA a stake in the company 🍰 🥩


Coaching & training – helping you grow grow grow 📈


Counselling & well-being – making sure you’re looked after 🤗


Railcards & travel loans – saving you ££ while going green 🌳


Bucket loads of events – providing fun for everyone 🥳


Enhanced parental leave – supporting you through an exciting time 🐣